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Please check below for answers to some of our frequently asked questions. If you do not find the information you are looking for, please reach out via the form on our Contact page.

Q: Is Sweetmeat Bakehouse a nut-free facility?

A: No, Sweetmeat Bakehouse is not a nut-free facility. 

Q: Does Sweetmeat Bakehouse offer gluten-free products?

A: No, currently Sweetmeat Bakehouse does not offer this service.

Q: How long in advance must a cake order be placed?

A: Orders for single tiered cakes must be placed one week in advance. 

Orders for multi-tiered cakes, novelty and/or specialty cakes must be placed two weeks in advance.

Orders for wedding cakes must be placed two months in advance.

* Rush orders will incur a fee.  

Q: What is the cost of cake per servings?

A: The price per serving is $7 for traditional cakes, and $9 for wedding cakes. Please note that this does not include the customization and details added to the cake. The charge for décor will vary with theme, size, and customization. 


Q: How do I properly cut my cake?

A: In an effort not to compromise the structure of the cake, please use a wide based knife similar to a chef's knife. It is also recommended to cut the cake in columns and divide those cake slices in half or thirds. Cutting cake slices in the traditional pie method reduces the amount of servings.

Q: How do I properly store my cake?

A: Cakes will be refrigerated until pickup; please allow up-to three hours for the cake to reach room temperature. Cakes do not require refrigeration once they have made it to their final destination. However, it is highly recommended to refrigerate the cake if the event does not take place within 3 hours of pick-up.

Q: Why must I provide the liquor if I purchase a cake decorated with adult beverages ?

A: Sweetmeat Bakehouse is not a licensed facility to sell alcoholic beverages (even if sealed) to the public. For that reason, customers must supply the product.

Q: Why isn't Cream cheese buttercream on the menu ?




A: Our Bakehouse operates under Texas Cottage Law , therefore we are not allowed to sell items that must be refrigerated and/or require temperature control to remain sustainable . To expand, This law prohibits us  from selling items like Cheesecake, Cream cheese buttercream , ice-cream, etc. 

Q: What is Texas Cottage Food Law?

Q: Does Sweetmeat Bakehouse offer delivery services?




A: Sweetmeat Bakehouse can deliver tiered specialty cakes and wedding cakes; however, customers will incur a delivery fee. Please note that delivery services can also be refused and is not guaranteed; with that in mind, please address delivery needs at the time your order is placed. 




A: The Texas Cottage Food Law allows individuals to sell certain foods made in their personal kitchens without state inspection, having an food manufactureres' license, or preparing foods in a commercial kitchen.

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